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Finally! Wonders Never Cease in Bookstores Today

Wonders in Bookstores Today!
It's out! When you've had a chance to read Wonders Never Cease, don't forget to post a comment and let everyone know what you think. And thanks to all the bloggers who read those Advanced Reader Copies and took the time to post reviews, like Allen Cook:

"Tim Downs combines some very memorable characters with many sub-plots to turn Wonders Never Cease into a book that you don’t want to put down…Wonders Never Cease was an enjoyable, easy read that contained well-measured parts of suspense, sadness, and humor. I would highly recommend this book to anyone.”

And then there was this review from Joshua Butler:

"Very engrossing fiction. I would recommend this book to anyone who is going on a trip, and will have several hours to burn on a flight. I, myself, finished it in just a couple of sit downs. And once or twice I used a flashlight under the covers at night just to find out what was going to happen next.”

Enjoy the book, everybody, and please be sure to tell others if you like it!
Wonders Never Cease


Wonders Never Cease in Bookstores Tomorrow

1 Day until Wonders Never Cease
I know, I've told you a dozen times already: I have a new novel coming out, Wonders Never Cease, and it's due in bookstores tomorrow, May 11th. Actually I've only told you nine times, but who's counting? I just thought I'd post a couple more of the great reviews I've been getting from bloggers who've already read the book and posted their reviews online. Rita Barriga writes:

"Wonders Never Cease by Tim Downs is an inspiring story that rings true. I could not put it down for fear of losing my momentum. I laughed, I was angered and I wanted to cry. I could not believe the steps one woman has to take to go about her way understood."

And Mindy Koentopp wrote this on her blog:

"I had a good laugh at some of the things and I actually talked back to some of the characters. I haven't talked back to a book since I first read New Moon by Stephenie Meyer. I know when I talk back to a book, I am thoroughly enjoying it. I will definitely be reading more from Tim Downs."

Thanks to all you blog reviewers out there. When you finish Wonders, if you don't have a blog of your own, be sure and post your comments here.


3 Days until Wonders Never Cease

3 Days until Wonders Never Cease

Just three more days until Wonders Never Cease officially hits bookstores, though many of you have written to let me know you've already found it and read it. In fact, one of the most common comments I've been seeing in blog reviews of Wonders is, "This is a quick read." People seem to appreciate that, and that's fine with me, as long as they realize "This was a slow write" for me! I just received this thoughtful review from Georgiana Daniels:

“Deeper questions about faith, and being willing to believe, are laced through this quirky story. And yet, the faith element is subtle and doesn't overpower the story. This is a perfect example of "suspension of disbelief," and though some aspects of the end are not neatly tied up, the overall read is quite satisfying. Wonders Never Cease is a complete departure from what I've come to know as a Tim Downs novel, but it's absolutely a page-turner, and I hope to see more stories like this.”

Thanks, Georgiana! And for the rest of you, don't forget to post your comment once you have a chance to read the book.


Hear my Wonders interview with WAMS

5 Days until Wonders Never Cease
I had a great interview yesterday with Burke Allen of WAMS Blog Talk Radio in Washington DC. You can listen to the interview just by clicking below. Burke is a terrific guy and he had a list of really interesting questions about Wonders Never Cease. It was a lot of fun.

By the way, I got a nice little review of Wonders from Leah Courtney, who probably likes the book because one of the main characters is named Leah too! She writes:

“I enjoyed this book by Tim Downs…The characters in the book were believable and enjoyable. The plot was interesting enough to keep me looking for what was happening next. A little suspense, a little bad guys versus good guys, a little love and romance all add up to an enjoyable read.”

As always, you can read the rest of her review and others from Leah on her blog.


Wonders Never Cease available on audio!

6 Days until Wonders Never Cease
Well, it's about time. After eight novels and three works of non-fiction (two of them co-authored with my brilliant and beautiful wife), Wonders Never Cease is the first of my books to be released in audio format. That's good news for all you auditory learners out there, including me. I love to listen to novels on my MP3 player when I'm working out (does anybody remember "books on tape"?). While everybody else in the gym is working out to their favorite iTunes download, I'm listening to my latest download from Audible.com. My son likes to kid me about "sweatin' to the audio books," but I still say it's a great use of time.

You can find the audio version of Wonders Never Cease through Amazon.com or directly from the producer, Oasis Audio. The Oasis website will even let you listen to a sample before you buy!

If you do pick up the audio version of Wonders, be sure to post a comment here and let everyone know what you think of it. See you at the gym!
Wonders Never Cease in audio


7 Days until Wonders Never Cease

7 Days until Wonders Never Cease
Just 7 more days until Wonders Never Cease hits bookstores--though, as I mentioned in yesterday's post, the book is avaliable through Amazon.com and BarnesandNoble.com already. I'm hoping readers are up for something different this time, because this is a definite departure from my last three Bug Man novels. Wonders was a little bit of therapy for me; a guy can only take so much death and decomposition before he needs a break!

So far, readers seem to be loving the change of pace. I received another encouraging review through BookSneeze, this time from a blogger who calls herself Emme M:

"What a charming book! It kept me captivated throughout and I absolutely adored all the characters and all the growth they underwent by the end of the novel. It was a real page turner, and I fell deep into the story. The plot and characters were all unique and different, and the Christian element was understated and elegant in itself. A book about love, faith, greed, and justice, it’s definitely one for the ages, at least, my ages. It is definitely recommended by me."

Thanks to Emme M and all the other eager bloggers out there. Keep those reviews coming!


Wonders already available at online vendors

8 Days until Wonders Never Cease
It's eight more days until Wonders Never Cease is officially available at bookstores, but a quick search of Amazon.com and BarnesandNoble.com shows that both vendors are offering the book already. The reason is because of ambiguity over the "official release date" of a book. Publishers use two different dates to describe the availability of a book: the "pub date" and the "street date." The "street date" is the date by which brick-and-mortar bookstores should have received the new book, made space on their shelves, and set the book out so customers can find it. In other words, it's the date when readers are guaranteed to find it on their local bookstore's shelves. But the book is actually off the press and at the publisher's warehouse a week or two earlier. That's the "pub date," and online vendors who don't need time to clear and stock their shelves can make the book available earlier than most bookstores can.

All that to say: 8 more days until Wonders is available, but it's already available now. Confused? Welcome to the mysterious world of publishing.

By the way, Wonders got a nice review from Nikola Hartmann. Here's an excerpt, but if you're interested you can check out the rest of the review at her blog:

"I really enjoyed reading Wonders Never Cease. It’s the kind of book you have to force yourself to put down, because it truly is that good! The story line moves along at a fluid pace, and delivers a well-balanced blend of mystery, drama and wicked humor. A fun read, that delivers a powerful message in a non-preachy way."


9 Days until Wonders Never Cease

9 Days until Wonders
It's just 9 days until my new novel Wonders Never Cease is officially in bookstores. Readers are beginning to post reviews on their blogs and it's fun to read the early feedback. Shout out to Leslie Gosney for posting this kind review:

"This book is a great read. I actually couldn't put it down. Tim Downs really knows how to write. I had never heard of this author before, and now am looking forward to finding more novels by him. He helps connect you with each character and get "IN" the book. This book REALLY makes you think, and I was left wondering, "Am I Ready to Believe?" I believe so. Enjoy the story of Angels, Belief, Life, Drama, and Love."

You can read the rest of Leslie's review on her blog site. If you have a personal comment or review about Wonders, feel free to share it with others here!


BookSneeze! God bless you

Not long ago my publisher, Thomas Nelson, joined an online program called BookSneeze. BookSneeze offers a four-step deal to bloggers and wannabe book reviewers: 1. Sign up for a free account, 2. Choose a book from their available books and they send you a free (yes, FREE) copy, 3. Post a review of 200 words or more on your blog and a consumer website (like Amazon), and 4. Log in to BookSneeze and post a link to your review.

It's a great concept and it provides something very valuable for authors and publishers: an abundance of reader reviews. Critical reviews are always great (Publishers Weekly, et al) but there are so many books out there and so few professional reviewers to review them. Besides, we've all read critical reviews and disagreed with them; sometimes it's helpful to get the opinion of a reader more like yourself.

Reviews for Wonders Never Cease are beginning to appear on BookSneeze, so if you haven't visited their site yet, drop by and check it out. Who knows? You might be reviewing my next book--for free!