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Nick of Time Book Giveaway Winners Announced!

Here are the six winners in the Two-Days-Only Nick of Time Book Giveaway:

Thomas Landskron of Cottontown, TN
Kelly Tidwell of Martinsburg, WV
Stephen Ellis of Knoxville, TN
Ruth Ostrander of Sandwich, IL
Troy Tennard of Parsippany, NJ
Paula McCarville of Coleman, WI

Congratulations to all the winners. The publisher will be mailing your books soon. And thanks to everyone who entered!


Two Days Only! Win an Autographed Copy of Nick of Time!


Final week’s winners announced

Congratulations to the final week's winners in the "Nick of Time" book giveaway:

Angie Mitchell of Bozeman, MT
Lindsey Palm of Cortland, OH
Susan Anderson of Sudbury, Ontario

Thanks to everyone who participated!

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The books are on the way

Thanks to everyone who responded to yesterday's post and requested a free Advance Readers Copy of Wonders Never Cease. The books went out to the first twenty respondents this afternoon.

I hope you all like the story!


Get a free copy of my new book and tell others what you think

I've got a bit of a problem. Maybe you can help me out.

My next novel, Wonders Never Cease, is due out in less than two months--on May 11th. But Wonders Never Cease is not a Nick Polchak/Bug Man story like my last three novels: First the Dead, Less than Dead, and Ends of the Earth. What I have to figure out is how to convince dedicated Bug Man readers to try something very different. How do I do that?

And then it occurred to me: Maybe you can do it for me.

I happen to have about twenty Advanced Reader Copies of Wonders Never Cease. An ARC, if you're not familiar with the term, is a pre-publication copy of a book that publishers send out to reviewers and media outlets to help stir up publicity before the book officially releases.

So here's the deal I'm offering: I'll send you an ARC of Wonders Never Cease free of charge if you'll promise to write a recommendation for the book when you're finished--and I'll publish your comments on my blog or website for other readers to see.

But here's the catch: You'll have to do three things fast. You'll have to respond to this offer fast because I only have twenty copies to give away; you'll have to read the book fast so you can write that recommendation; and you'll have to write your recommendation fast so I can publish it in time for other readers to see it prior to the release of the book!

I can't think of a better way to recommend a book than to let readers do it for me. And if you're one of those readers who's been waiting for my next book to come out, well, here's your chance to read it before anyone else.

Interested? Just use the form below to let me know. And thanks!


Maybe You Do Know Nick


Last night's question: In Shoofly Pie, what was the name of the fictional North Carolina county where Kathryn was raised?

Answer: Holcum County

Winner: No correct answer was given for the final question, though the answer is found in the first two words of the book!

Congratulations to all of our winners in the "You Don't Know Nick" trivia contest. Your free copies of the Shoofly Pie/Chop Shop bind-up are on the way.

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody!


You Don’t Know Nick – Day 14

Last night's question: In Chop Shop, what was the name of the yacht that moored in the Allegheny River outside PNC Park?

Answer: Pharmagen

Winner: Lori Lyman


You Don’t Know Nick – Day 13

Last night's question: In Less than Dead, what was the name of Alena's three-legged cadaver dog?

Answer: Trygg

Winner: Debbie Harrison


You Don’t Know Nick – Day 12

Last night's question: In First the Dead, what was the name of the flooded hospital where Nick stored recovered bodies?

Answer: Charity Hospital

Winner: Hope Lyman


You Don’t Know Nick – Day 11

Last night's question: In Shoofly Pie, what was the name of the funeral home where Kathryn first watched Nick at work?

Answer: Schroeder's Funeral Home

Winner: Chris Damsgard