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Maybe You Do Know Nick


Last night's question: In Shoofly Pie, what was the name of the fictional North Carolina county where Kathryn was raised?

Answer: Holcum County

Winner: No correct answer was given for the final question, though the answer is found in the first two words of the book!

Congratulations to all of our winners in the "You Don't Know Nick" trivia contest. Your free copies of the Shoofly Pie/Chop Shop bind-up are on the way.

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody!


“You Don’t Know Nick” Contest! Free books to winners!

Last month Simon & Schuster released a bind-up of my first two Bug Man novels, Shoofly Pie and Chop Shop. "Bind-up" is the term publishers use to describe two separate novels published under a single cover; the term you and I might use is "bargain." (Christmas shopping tip: There's no cheaper way to buy my first two novels.)

With the holidays fast approaching I'm in the mood to give things away, so I've decided to host a contest to give away some free copies of the new book. I'm calling the contest, "You Don't Know Nick." It's a trivia contest for you current Bug Man readers to find out if you were paying attention when you read my novels or whether you just skipped to the end to see how the story came out. (Some of you did, didn't you? Now aren't you sorry?) Here's how the contest will work:

Tomorrow night at exactly 9 pm EST I will post a single trivia question on this blog. There will be a form for you to use to enter your answer. A free copy of the Shoofly Pie/Chop Shop bind-up will be awarded to the first person to accurately answer the question. How will I be able to tell who's first? When you enter your answer it will be marked with a time stamp. The wonders of Internet technology!

The following night, again at exactly 9 pm EST, I will publish a post announcing the winner of the previous night's contest and giving the correct answer to the question. Then I will ask a new question and the process will repeat.

For you Bug Man scholars out there: You can only win once. And I'm sorry, but the contest is only open to those with a U.S. mailing address.

The contest will begin tomorrow night (Tuesday, Nov 10) and will continue for 14 consecutive evenings, concluding on Monday, Nov 23rd. Each evening's "You Don't Know Nick" question will be posted at exactly 9 pm EST, so be ready.

Think you know Nick? Then dazzle us all with your knowledge. See you here tomorrow at 9 pm eastern.

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