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This is the blog site of author Tim Downs, creator of the Bug Man series of novels and other tales of mystery and suspense.

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  1. I found a Tim Downs title of ‘Like Flies to a Corpse’ on Wikipedia. Was there such a book? And if so, is it still in print?

    • That’s an interesting story, Nita. When I was writing my first novel, my publisher went ahead and chose a title for it: “Like Flies to a Corpse.” They even applied for an ISBN number for it and listed it with Amazon. But when they told me their suggested title, I hated it, and the book was retitled “Shoofly Pie.” So yes, “Like Flies to a Corpse” is an actual book–but it’s entitled “Shoofly Pie.”

  2. I am glad that Nick choose Alena. They were meant for each other, she loved him in “Less than Dead”, I wanted them to get together then. Kathryn was married twice and she has Callie. Alena lives isolated with only her dogs to love.

  3. I was so pleased that Nick chose Alena. I was hoping since “Less than Dead” that they would get together. Kathryn has already been married twice and she has Callie. She also has good social skills whick would allow her to meet someone new, perhaps at the bank. Alena has raised herself with only her dogs and pastor to love her. She is isolated from other people. Plus she is also beautiful and mysterious with a sense of humor. I can imagine Alena & Nick living and lovin one another in the comming novel(s).

  4. I read all of your Bug man novels in order and loved every one of them, my mother recommended “First the Dead” to me but I ordered the rest of them also. Couldn’t put them down and didn’t want them to end. Guess I’ll end up ordering your other books as well, you’re a great writer. I laughed at Nick alot.

  5. I have gratefully enjoyed your “bugman” series. (Have read them all and Wonders Never Cease) I live with my daughter since I became a “flagpole” And we both enjoy and laugh at Nick’s humor. I’m sharing these books with others in my family who enjoy this kind of gallow’s humor. Looking forward to all of your books and interesting view of life. God Bless!

  6. Dear Tim,

    It was so wonderful to hear you speak at the latest ACFW conference. Although your talk was very humourous, you left us with some very poignant thoughts and left us feeling challenged. God’s best in all your many endeavours.

  7. Dear Tim,
    Thanks for the respite I find in your books. Most of my life is pretty serious. I need the bug man therapy! Can hardly wait to find out what happens to Nick’s future and his next adventure. “Wonders” was great as well.

  8. I’m glad I found your blog, as I have been looking to see if you had published another “Bug Man” novel to see who Nick married. Since I couldn’t find one, I just purchased your new novel “When wonders never cease.
    When do you plan to

    Alena has to be the right choice for Nick, they both think and act outside the box, and they would make the perfect couple for future books. There are going to be future books right?

  10. I have your books listed on my Christian fiction spreadsheet but I’ve recently come across something that has me confused. Can you help me out? My list of your “Bug Man” series includes:
    #1 Shoofly Pie
    #2 Chop Shop
    #3 First the Dead
    #4 Less Than Dead
    #5 Ends of the Earth
    I have two stand-alones for you: Head Game and PlagueMaker.
    I also have another book entitled Bug the Dead. Where does this come in your “Bug Man” series?
    Can you please set me straight?

    • You’ve got it right, Betty. Head Game and PlagueMaker are stand alones, though Nick Polchak makes a one-chapter cameo in PlagueMaker. Bug the Dead doesn’t exist–it was just the working title for Ends of the Earth. Sometimes the publisher is in a hurry to get their catalog out and they end up using a working title before everyone agrees on it. Don’t you think Ends of the Earth is a big improvement?

      • I Just finished “Ends of the Earth.” I found it to be a great read, and I really enjoyed it. So much so that I’ve ordered two more of your book’s. I’ll probably end up reading all of your books. So,..please dont stop writing. Thank you and God Bless you and Yours. !!!

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