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With your many fans out there I am relatively certain that you won’t remember me. I wrote you my one and only time some years stating ym disappointment at the ending of one of the Bugman novels which solicited a vote from your readers to determine the ending. I do hope that my comments were taken in the spirit they were written – not meant to offend.
The reason I am writing this time is to applaud your novel ‘Wonders Never Cease’ which was a delight to read and which I am currently reading to my 8 year old daughter, Angelika, who was fascinated by the cover. Even more importantly I am writing to let you know I am using two pages of the book in one of my university classes to discuss the concept of ‘defeater beliefs’ which is a crucial part of every class I teach by way of helping my students open their minds up to the mysterious world we live in. My DEEP and SINCERE thanks to you for that! I am eagerly awaiting reading Nick of Time when I finally move to the top of the lengthy hold list at my local library. Keep up the excellent work Tim. You are a very special person as well as a special kind of author and you are fully appreciated by at least one Canadian up here in the ‘wild’. My best to you and your family.