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  1. dear tim downs,
    I love your bug man series! (except I wasn’t happy with first the dead)
    but is their going to be another book? I’ve read nick of time and it can not end like that!

  2. From the first word in the first book read I was hooked! Let’s see: I don’t like bugs, I’m not a bug fan of dea bodies (floating, buried, or hidden!) and I can’t put Polchak out of my mind :) What gives?!

    Thanks for brightening my days during difficult times by breathing life into a character whose compassion is defined in his quirky quips as well as his sometimes-quiet determination and steadfast commitment to resolving every task he undertakes…may we all

  3. I find the Bug Man books interesting and enlightening! Watching the Bug Man character as the series progresses keeps me asking, “What will happen or what will he come up with next?”

  4. Just picked up my copy of Nick Of Time and love the way it starts. Like your writing style. Keep up the good work by writing another one.

  5. The Bug Man series are some of my very favorite books. I love how the characters have evolved and grown. I love books with a sense of humor and they fill the bill.

  6. My wife and I have read all your books at least twice. Have passed them around alot and they always come back with positive comments. Our 12 year old grandson wanted to read the Plague Maker (his first Tim Downs) and really liked it. We think they would make great movies. Look forward to many more!

  7. I’ve read all but Nick of Time. I’m a missionary, and where we work we share our books around (they’re hard to get otherwise). So I’ve made a lot of Bug Man novel fans and gotten a lot of people into reading all your novels. Thanks for a wonderful series and character(s).

  8. My mom reads all your books and I have borrowed them from her. Love them and have been able to talk about the “Bug Man” in my college essays and have passed my love for this series to others at school.

  9. I filled out your questionnaire….FUN!
    It didn’t have a place to check for how I “received” the book, so I said borrowed.
    LOVE your writings! Still have a few to catch up on!
    Cindi Ferrini

  10. I love your books, read them all except Shoofly pie and Chop Shop as they are not available where I order them from. I have to order them as our bookshop in South Africa don’t have them, but my kids and I love them.

  11. I love your books. My wife bought them for me from Amazon.com. I am looking forward to reading “Nick of Time”. BTW I have already ordered it from Amazon and it should be here sometime this week. I entered your contest because I have been loaning your books to a buddy at work and he loves them too! If I win this book I will be gifting it to him.

  12. Tim, you have really done it this time! I had to wait until you disclosed who Nick proposed to, and now you went and wrote this book. ARRRRRGGGGG! I love it, but when is the next one coming out??
    I was laughing out loud at the dialog and groaning about the ending. Nick is one of the most entertaining characters I have ever read about. Keep up the great work, soon please!

  13. I havent read any of his books yet, but they sound interesting. I read about fifteen books a week, so I am definitely going to give his a look see!!!!

  14. I recently read Nick of Time, and cannot wait to read all of your novels! I absolutely loved this book. I have a review on my blog, and hope my readers will want to meet your character, Nick the Bug Man, too. I hope to acquire the entire series soon. Do you think it’s a bad thing to give the series as a gift to my Dad for Father’s Day, and then borrow all the copies to read myself? 😉 Thanks for the great read! Happy Saturday! :)

  15. I am a public school librarian and I have all books except Nick of Time on the shelves, well really in the hands of my students and faculty as they are almost always checked out.
    Your writing is exciting, enjoyable and so family and kid friendly. I have a list of readers waiting for Nick of Time to show up on the shelf!

  16. I just love your books…..once I pick them up I can’t put em down!!!
    Congrats to Nick……he is one great catch….:)

  17. I have read every Tim Downs except Nick of Time. Can’t wait to read it. if it is half as good as the rest it will be fantastic!!!

  18. PlagueMaker is the best book I have ever read.

  19. Couldn’t complete the entry form because the titles listed are all NEW books to me. Looking forward to finding a series of new books/new author to read as my reading list is currently exhausted.

    In reading the Tim Downs book reviews ~ I may have hit a jackpot!

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