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WMBI Chicago radio interview


Last week I was in Chicago to do promotion for the stage adaptation of my novel Wonders Never Cease which opened at Provision Theater last Saturday. I was scheduled to do an early morning interview for WMBI's "Morning Drive" program along with Tim Gregory, the founder and artistic director of Provision Theater. To my surprise, Tim brought along two unexpected guests to join the interview: Katie Banks and Matt Klingler, the actors cast to play the roles of ICU nurse Natalie Pelton and schoolteacher Matt Callahan in the play.

I have to admit, it was a surreal experience to see two characters step off the pages of your own novel and say hello. What was even more surreal is that during the interview they acted out two scenes from the play for the radio audience. Now that was really bizarre--but they did a wonderful job, and it was a lot of fun to hear.

I thought you might like the chance to hear Katie and Matt for yourselves, so I've posted the interview here. And if you're passing through Chicago between now and June 5th, you can stop off and see Katie and Matt live and in person.