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Finally! Wonders Never Cease in Bookstores Today

Wonders in Bookstores Today!
It's out! When you've had a chance to read Wonders Never Cease, don't forget to post a comment and let everyone know what you think. And thanks to all the bloggers who read those Advanced Reader Copies and took the time to post reviews, like Allen Cook:

"Tim Downs combines some very memorable characters with many sub-plots to turn Wonders Never Cease into a book that you don’t want to put down…Wonders Never Cease was an enjoyable, easy read that contained well-measured parts of suspense, sadness, and humor. I would highly recommend this book to anyone.”

And then there was this review from Joshua Butler:

"Very engrossing fiction. I would recommend this book to anyone who is going on a trip, and will have several hours to burn on a flight. I, myself, finished it in just a couple of sit downs. And once or twice I used a flashlight under the covers at night just to find out what was going to happen next.”

Enjoy the book, everybody, and please be sure to tell others if you like it!
Wonders Never Cease

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  1. Mr. Downs, My father gave me this book at Christmas along with one of your Bugman books. I have since read “Wonders Never Cease, as well as every Bugman book that is available. My father has promised me your next in the series. What can I say, we are active readers and it is a pleasure to come across a writer with a God given ability to create such works. May God Bless you and your family in all ways. Thank you for all your hard work.

  2. I loved it! I have to say, I liked all your other books better, but it seems like with you there’s never such a thing as a not-very-good book. You’re the only author I’ve found so far whose books I will be buying new when they come out. Someday I hope to have ny own novels on the shelf next to yours. I’m at that really tough spot of having finished a lot of books (bad ones and good ones alike) but still trying to interest an agent or publisher.

    Are you writing another Bug Man Novel? Nick is the most awesome protagonist ever, I think. Whatever you write next, I can’t wait to read it! 😀

  3. Didn’t realize you wrote books till now. Still have my copy of “This is Winning?” from my law school days at IU in the ’70s, and it still makes me smile. As to my law school books, well, I didn’t save any of those.

  4. Tim,
    Just finished my signed copy of Wonders Never Cease from the American Christian Fiction Writers meeting (signed with my pen–hope you’re enjoying it). Great book with a message that doesn’t hit you over the head, just makes you really think about angels and their Creator. Hated to put it down, couldn’t wait to pick it up each time.

  5. FINALLY reading! Love it. Of course.
    Your books are all page-turners.

  6. I read this book and loved it too! My neighbor has also already read all your books because of my family(who has read them all too) except Head Game, I think, but my mother read that one. But I just have one question.

    When wil your next one come out??????
    Make that two questions. Are you going to right another Bug Man Novel? I wanna know what happens with Nick and Alena(Though I wanted it to be Kathryn) but Alena is good too. Please mention when your next book is coming out if you see this. :)


  7. I loved Wonders Never Cease and have already recommended it to several people. Quite a plot!
    Your Bug Man Books are the best! I am always thoroughly entertained and you do it all without sinking into the gutter. I am one of your biggest fans and don’t hesitate recommending any of your books. I believe I have even seen a few in my church library.

  8. In Chapter 10, page 75, of Wonders Never Cease, you state that the counselor earned a BS in Psychology. Psychology is a liberal arts major, and liberal arts majors earn a BA, not a BS. Furthermore, this counselor was operating way beyond his capabilities legally. A BA does not earn anyone the right to practice as a psychologist despite however many workshops and seminars are attended–a Master’s is required for that, and preferably a Ph.D. So far, intensely dislike the characters Kemp, his father, and the counselor.

    • Hi Hope, thanks for writing. You’re right, psychology is sometimes considered a liberal arts major, but the degree offered depends on the university. My alma mater, for example (IU/Bloomington) offers both a BA and a BS in psychology. You’re absolutely right about the counselor in Wonders overstepping his bounds–but that’s part of his arrogant character. And if you intensely dislike Kemp, his father, and the counselor too, then congratulations–you have very good taste in character! Thanks for posting a comment, Hope.

  9. Wonders Never Cease was a great book! I enjoyed it but I will have to say that I like the bugman novels better, speaking of which when is the next one going to come out? Thanks for all the great novels I have read every one except “Head Game” Keep up the great work:>)

  10. I loved it! And I’ve passed it on to a co-worker who also loved your other books.

    It has great book club potential, so my library is considering as a future title for our reading group. I’ll let you know if that happens.

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