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Wonders Never Cease in Bookstores Tomorrow

1 Day until Wonders Never Cease
I know, I've told you a dozen times already: I have a new novel coming out, Wonders Never Cease, and it's due in bookstores tomorrow, May 11th. Actually I've only told you nine times, but who's counting? I just thought I'd post a couple more of the great reviews I've been getting from bloggers who've already read the book and posted their reviews online. Rita Barriga writes:

"Wonders Never Cease by Tim Downs is an inspiring story that rings true. I could not put it down for fear of losing my momentum. I laughed, I was angered and I wanted to cry. I could not believe the steps one woman has to take to go about her way understood."

And Mindy Koentopp wrote this on her blog:

"I had a good laugh at some of the things and I actually talked back to some of the characters. I haven't talked back to a book since I first read New Moon by Stephenie Meyer. I know when I talk back to a book, I am thoroughly enjoying it. I will definitely be reading more from Tim Downs."

Thanks to all you blog reviewers out there. When you finish Wonders, if you don't have a blog of your own, be sure and post your comments here.

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  1. I also got it in advance and read it right through having just read through Nick of Time. PLEASE, don’t stop Bug Man books. Alena and Nick make a great team and we want to add more Tim Downs books to our total collection right now.

  2. I got in advanced from Amazon and finished it in one day. I loved it! Next book, please!

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