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3 Days until Wonders Never Cease

3 Days until Wonders Never Cease

Just three more days until Wonders Never Cease officially hits bookstores, though many of you have written to let me know you've already found it and read it. In fact, one of the most common comments I've been seeing in blog reviews of Wonders is, "This is a quick read." People seem to appreciate that, and that's fine with me, as long as they realize "This was a slow write" for me! I just received this thoughtful review from Georgiana Daniels:

“Deeper questions about faith, and being willing to believe, are laced through this quirky story. And yet, the faith element is subtle and doesn't overpower the story. This is a perfect example of "suspension of disbelief," and though some aspects of the end are not neatly tied up, the overall read is quite satisfying. Wonders Never Cease is a complete departure from what I've come to know as a Tim Downs novel, but it's absolutely a page-turner, and I hope to see more stories like this.”

Thanks, Georgiana! And for the rest of you, don't forget to post your comment once you have a chance to read the book.

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  1. I read Wonders Never Cease rather quickly as well. When I finished I commented to my husband that I felt a bit guilty devouring a book so quickly since I know it was much labor for the author. Thank you for working so hard to create a pleasant and satifying read!

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