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7 Days until Wonders Never Cease

7 Days until Wonders Never Cease
Just 7 more days until Wonders Never Cease hits bookstores--though, as I mentioned in yesterday's post, the book is avaliable through Amazon.com and BarnesandNoble.com already. I'm hoping readers are up for something different this time, because this is a definite departure from my last three Bug Man novels. Wonders was a little bit of therapy for me; a guy can only take so much death and decomposition before he needs a break!

So far, readers seem to be loving the change of pace. I received another encouraging review through BookSneeze, this time from a blogger who calls herself Emme M:

"What a charming book! It kept me captivated throughout and I absolutely adored all the characters and all the growth they underwent by the end of the novel. It was a real page turner, and I fell deep into the story. The plot and characters were all unique and different, and the Christian element was understated and elegant in itself. A book about love, faith, greed, and justice, it’s definitely one for the ages, at least, my ages. It is definitely recommended by me."

Thanks to Emme M and all the other eager bloggers out there. Keep those reviews coming!

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