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Wonders already available at online vendors

8 Days until Wonders Never Cease
It's eight more days until Wonders Never Cease is officially available at bookstores, but a quick search of Amazon.com and BarnesandNoble.com shows that both vendors are offering the book already. The reason is because of ambiguity over the "official release date" of a book. Publishers use two different dates to describe the availability of a book: the "pub date" and the "street date." The "street date" is the date by which brick-and-mortar bookstores should have received the new book, made space on their shelves, and set the book out so customers can find it. In other words, it's the date when readers are guaranteed to find it on their local bookstore's shelves. But the book is actually off the press and at the publisher's warehouse a week or two earlier. That's the "pub date," and online vendors who don't need time to clear and stock their shelves can make the book available earlier than most bookstores can.

All that to say: 8 more days until Wonders is available, but it's already available now. Confused? Welcome to the mysterious world of publishing.

By the way, Wonders got a nice review from Nikola Hartmann. Here's an excerpt, but if you're interested you can check out the rest of the review at her blog:

"I really enjoyed reading Wonders Never Cease. It’s the kind of book you have to force yourself to put down, because it truly is that good! The story line moves along at a fluid pace, and delivers a well-balanced blend of mystery, drama and wicked humor. A fun read, that delivers a powerful message in a non-preachy way."

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  1. Can’t wait. My copy was mailed from Barnes & Nobles yesterday.

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