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9 Days until Wonders Never Cease

9 Days until Wonders
It's just 9 days until my new novel Wonders Never Cease is officially in bookstores. Readers are beginning to post reviews on their blogs and it's fun to read the early feedback. Shout out to Leslie Gosney for posting this kind review:

"This book is a great read. I actually couldn't put it down. Tim Downs really knows how to write. I had never heard of this author before, and now am looking forward to finding more novels by him. He helps connect you with each character and get "IN" the book. This book REALLY makes you think, and I was left wondering, "Am I Ready to Believe?" I believe so. Enjoy the story of Angels, Belief, Life, Drama, and Love."

You can read the rest of Leslie's review on her blog site. If you have a personal comment or review about Wonders, feel free to share it with others here!

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  1. Can’t wait to get my copy of Nick of time. I’m sure Alena will have to drag Nick down the altar, if it really gets that far. Nick would rather corral some JP on the way to a crime scene, I’m sure.

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