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Maybe You Do Know Nick


Last night's question: In Shoofly Pie, what was the name of the fictional North Carolina county where Kathryn was raised?

Answer: Holcum County

Winner: No correct answer was given for the final question, though the answer is found in the first two words of the book!

Congratulations to all of our winners in the "You Don't Know Nick" trivia contest. Your free copies of the Shoofly Pie/Chop Shop bind-up are on the way.

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody!

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  1. i was wondering if you were going to be working on any Bug Man novels anytime soon. i really enjoy them ^^

    • My next Bug Man novel comes out in April, Meghann. It’s called “Nick of Time” and it picks up right where “Ends of the Earth” left off. Thanks for asking.

  2. Chop Shop was a great novel. One comment, and you probably already heard this:
    Regarding the explosion at the end: A diesel engine has no spark plugs. The fuel is self ignited by compressing the fuel/air mixture to a very high compression ratio. So, technically, the explosion was not possible in the method described. There was no spark plug for Angel to “leave out” and then have her energize via starting the engine at the console upstairs.

    • You got me, Martin. Several of my more mechanically-minded readers have pointed out this error. I’m eagerly awaiting the next reprint so I can change the word “spark” to “glow!”

  3. Have been a fan of all your ‘Bug Man’ novels and was intending to go back and try to find and purchase and read your earlier works (until just finishing Ends Of The Earth). Imagine my disappointment at reaching the end and discovering that you couldn’t figure out how to end it – without the help of your readers at least. Then try and imagine my even greater disappointment at going to your website to read the two alternate chapters only to find that they don’t download – the text that is. Neither does the text open without being downloaded. So now here I am stuck not being able to even guess at how you might have ended it and the possible directions it might evolve into. Truly disappointing.

    • Sorry for your disappointment, Stefan. I’m not sure why you weren’t able to view the alternate endings on my website, but I can understand why it would frustrate you if you couldn’t! I just emailed you both alternate endings. If you still can’t open them, please let me know and we’ll try something else. I’ve had a lot of different reactions from readers about the way I ended this story. I knew it might be controversial, but I thought it would be fun to let readers have a say in how my next Bug Man story will continue.

  4. I’ve notice there has been no activity on the blog since thankgiving! I want to be the first one to say Happy New Year!! Wish you luck on writting the new bug man novel! Can’t wait for it to come out!!

    • Thanks, Michael, and a Happy New Year to you too. You’re right, I’m a little behind on my blog posts; that’s because I’m beginning work on a new novel. I’ll get back to posting again soon.

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