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The Polls are Closed and the Votes are Counted

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Midnight last night marked the final deadline for voting for the conclusion of my latest novel, Ends of the Earth. If you followed the voting results along the way (by clicking on the gigantic red-white-and-blue link on my website that said “VOTE RESULTS,” in case you overlooked it) then the outcome is not exactly a surprise to you: Alena Savard shot off to an early lead and never lost it. After more than two months of voting, Alena managed to capture 51% of the total votes with Kathryn Guilford managing only 29%. Almost 13% of you thought that Nick Polchak was actually clueless enough to propose to both women at the same time, while 8% concluded that Nick is just not ready for marriage at this point in his life.

I’d like to take this opportunity to say “Thank You” to all of you who voted and especially to those who took the time to post comments and voice opinions on this blog. Leaving a story hanging like that was a creative experiment for me and I really wasn’t sure what kind of response to expect. I knew that everyone who read the book would have a strong opinion, but I wasn’t sure how many would bother to visit my website and cast their vote. But the response has been overwhelming, and I appreciate those of you who joined in the fun.

Now for the two questions on everyone’s mind: What happens next—and when?

As for what happens next, I’m not sure. Like any good writer, I like to keep my creative options open. I can tell you this much: If you’re counting on my next Bug Man novel to open with a wedding ceremony, you’re bound to be disappointed. All your votes have determined is that the Bug Man saga will move forward with Alena in the romantic picture. But how long will it take them to reach the altar and what hurdles will they have to overcome along the way? That’s hard to say, and I haven’t decided yet. (This is what’s known as “wiggle room”.)

As for when, I begin work on the next Bug Man novel December 1st –but I want you to know that my next novel to be published will not be a Bug Man story. My next novel is something different—something very special. It’s a story I’ve waited five years to write, and I can’t wait for you to see it. It’s called Wonders Never Cease, and it’s scheduled for release around Mother’s Day—but that’s all I can tell you for now. Don’t worry, I’ll tell you more about it just as soon as I can.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to get back to work. I have a wedding to plan, and you know how complicated that can be—especially when the bride is a witch and the groom is an insect.

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  1. Alena is the woman for Nick. She loves him so much she sent her beloved dog into the jaws of death to save Nick. Nick might have been too clueless to figure that out, but he had to notice Kathryn’s devotion to Callie with her choice to save her daughter. Not that I condemn that choice, even Nick was putting himself at risk for Callie. But his action wasn’t just for her but also for Alena & Kathryn. I admire Kathryn and would like to see a relationship build between her and Ben Owen. She is too needy for Nick, but I think Ben can lead her to God, who fills all needs. As long as you keep writing new Bugman episodes (& please do), I’ll keep reading them. Great job on this series, Tim!

  2. I just finished Ends of the Earth (March 2011) – absolutely loved it! I thought we had all the `Bug Man`books but a obviously I am behind in the times. I voted (after the deadline) for Alena – tough to choose but I couldn`t see Nick with a wife who was afraid of insects, even though her daughter was not. Plus Alena is quirky – she and Nick would compliment each other in future forensic cases. My husband and daughters have read most of the Bug Man books – there`s always a few open on the beach when we go camping.

  3. I think those that voted for Alena completely missed the entire REASON Nick wanted to find a wife. To fulfill the void inside himself. Alena is just more NICK in a female version. Kathryn would have offered him a chance to become more human. Alena is as much a Dog, as Nick is a Bug! I truly feel this will Hinder the development of Nick’s character, Kathryn should show up at the wedding & Object…LOL!

  4. Yes, I realize the voting is over but frankly I don’t think Nick is in love with either of these women. He likes and admires them both but love……….. no, I don’t think so. I like them both though I admit to liking Alena more but they seem to be peripheral to him, so non-essential that I cannot imagine him proposing or marrying either. Sorry. My husband died just over a year ago and I don’t think I ever realized how important it was that I was central to his life until he was gone. Being the center of someone’s life really makes a marriage. No one could stay in a relationship where they’re superfluous for long. My opinion.

  5. I liked the wording of the chapter with Alena ending up with Nick better. But, I wanted Nick to propose to Kathryn.

  6. I have just recently discovered your books, and am quickly racing through every one! I am a HUGE fan of mystery thrillers, and I was so pleased to find great reads that are actually “CLEAN”. Some books that I’ve read, I can’t even leave laying on the end table for fear my young sons will pick them up!
    I also tend to get attached to characters, and i have become quite attached to Nick. I would love to see him in a relationship – I think it would be good for him. That said, after reading the alternate endings, Nick is asked if he has ever proposed to anyone before. Wasn’t he married? Seems like he and Riley Mackay discussed this a while back, and Nick gave Riley the impression that his “wife” left to pursue further educations/ideals/etc. Correct me if I’m wrong…
    Thanks for the great work, and keep ’em coming!

    • You’re right, Erin, Nick was married once before–readers can find that bit of Bug Man trivia in “Chop Shop.” Even my current editor was surprised to find that out. It’s a little known fact about Nick. Good catch!

      • Being married before doesn’t mean that Nick proposed before. Maybe she proposed to him.

  7. I’m getting into the game alittle late and I know voting has long since stopped but I would still like to say I would choose Katherine. I wondered what happened to her after Shoo-Fly pie- I really thought they hit it off well then. Alena is a wonderful and intriguing lady but she and Nick are too much alike. Katherine will challenge him to get out of his “shell” and interact with humans. I also think he and Callie could have a great connection because they both communicate with the world in their own unique ways.

    Thanks for the wonderful stories! I’ve read them all and learned so much! Keep up the good work!

  8. so, i finished reading “Ends of the Earth”, and prompltly rolled over to my computer witch had been forgotten by my bed hours before hoping desperately that my dad hadn’t turned off the internet yet!!!! i cast my vote and then came to the blog to find to my utter despaire that it didn’t matter!!!!!! oh well. I have been reading the Bug Man books for…… i don’t even know how long…. my dad loves bugs, is a beekeeper, so i am thoughouly innoculated!! he found Shoofly Pie, read it and told me to read it, knowing i was probably more of a book worm than he was. I was reluctant at first, but once i started i couldn’t quit!!! I liked Kathryn from the beggining but absolutely loved the girl from Chop Shop. I think i might have actually cried when she died ( that is saying something, just ask anyone who knows me) my dad kept buying your books ( not just the bug man ones he also got Plauge Maker and Head game) as they came out so i read all of them in order … i always wanted Kathryn to come back, even when Alean came into the picture. All through the last book i kept telling myself it just HAD to be Kathryn!!! and then i read the ending… i almost didn’t look at the last page i was soooooo mad!!!! I never could stand the books that had all the different endings that you could choose from, and then this…!!!!!!! i like to write, …well mostly i think up storys ( i am told i should write them out, but haven’t found enough time… mostly cause i read what everyone else writes!!), but if a story comes from my head i want to finish it not give it to someone else, and if i am hearing someone else’s story i want to hear it, and not muck it up by telling them what to say. anyway, thats my opinon! i know i am WAYYYYYY late, but i stayed up till midnight reading and then, was saddend to learn that the new book is probably almost finished…. and my opinion doesn’t matter. haha, in truth… i really don’t think he should get married at all….. i think it would spoil him….. just my opinion!!!

    But enough of that!! i don’t intend to sound so critizising… well…. anyway, i have loved all of your books, they usually take me about a day and a half to read, depending on how busy i am, and even though i dissaprove of the direction things are going, i know that you will keep up the humor and hopefully find a way to keep Nick the same… or at least mostly. so thanks for being such a great writer!!!!

  9. I’m glad that Alena won. My vote has been for her all along. However, of the two endings, I actually like the one involving Kathryn better as it seemed to flow more with your usual writing style for Nick’s character. I suppose that it is quite a challenge to narrate romance between two unusual characters such as Nick and Alena. One thing that is aggravating is that Nick is clueless, but neither woman really hold him to a standard of learning to love them the right way…it’s a lopsided relationship that is bound to have a lot of trouble.

    I have read all of your Bug-Man novels so far and really like them all. I am looking forward to checking out “Wonders Never Cease” to see what else you have up your sleeve. May God bless you and your work and continue to fill you with creative ideas.

  10. I read all of the Bug Man novels for the first time in the past three and a half weeks… I just couldn’t stop. All I have to say at the end is: Brilliant writing! I’ve always been amazed at authors who can create characters that can be so over-the-top quircky yet seem so real – almost like you know them personally. In my opinion, Mr. Downs, your idea of having readers choose the ending to the book was a stroke of sheer genius!
    I’m glad that Alena won the vote. Plus, I think it is hilarious that so many people see Nick’s marriage to any woman as a negative development. Seriously, can you imagine the new worlds of great humor that this opportunity will bring to the Bug Man? (All married people say: “AMEN!”) Looking forward to the next novel.
    P.S. Mr Downs, I must say that I admire you for putting so much time and research into making your stories accurate. I love all of the detailed information, and I feel like I’m learning as I read. Thank you!

  11. Too late to vote. However, I couldn’t have voted anyway, because I didn’t care for either surprise ending. It was way too soon for Nick to propose to anyone. Anyway, what man (or woman) would propose in front of an audience unless that audience was composed of a relative or relatives??? In addition, Nick had no clue how to propose to one woman, how could he barge in and propose in front of two? Finally, unless he stared steadily (and lovingly) at one of them, and perhaps reached for her hand, how would they know which one he was asking? You should have gone with a third ending; i.e., he tells them he loves them equally and asks them for time to decide on one of them. Alena would acquiesce and Kathryn would swat him with a fly swatter and tell him to buzz off.

  12. Ok so I just finished “Ends of the Earth” and I can’t wait for the next Bug Man novel. I love Nick and if I wasn’t happily married I’d marry him! LOL! (I’m only a little afraid of bugs!) I actually voted before I realized that it was too late. Alena was definitely my choice. I liked Kathryn well enough but she was too needy. Maybe I identify with that too much. Alena is a strong woman and understands Nick’s passion for his work. Besides she’ll be able to help him everytime he needs a new cadaver to study! I’ve read all the Bug Man novels to date and love them. I’ve even got my 16 year old daughter hooked! Thanks, Mr. Downs, being my new favorite author!

  13. I like the Bug Man the way he is. I don’t want him to marry either one.

  14. Okay the polls are closed but I still want to put in my 2 cents. I didn’t like either ending. I just didn’t feel Nick could be that dumb. Just didn’t seem right. I enjoy the books though. If is a little scary to think that maybe the subject isn’t that far out there. I live in a rural community.

  15. I think that either Alena or Kathryn would take good care of Nick. For that matter, so would his psychiatrist friend from DMORT. But I side with the majority. I was rooting for Alena all the way through Ends of the Earth.

    I think Nick and Alena connect on a deep level. He cared enough to seek her out and work past her defenses. No one else besides her pastor has ever done that.

    I predict they’ll have some explosive arguments in the days ahead, but neither one will ever give up on the other.

  16. My wife and I have read several of your books as read-alouds. When we read Less than Dead (which I’ve successully recommended to Borders customers we both hoped romance would develop between her and Nick. We loved Kathryn and Callie but we were still cheering for Alena. Maybe she and Nick could be like an “aunt and uncle” to Callie?
    I read “Head Game” by myself first, then we shared it together later and I saw things I had forgotten. It was intense but we enjoyed it!

  17. I love the book!! Seeing that Nick is marrying Alena now I was hoping that maybe Kathryn could finds someone too. I was getting to like her too. But I think it is a great choice that Nick should end up with Alena!

    Wonderful book!! It had my heart racing!!

  18. I LOVE THE BUGMAN BOOKS!! I have never fallen so in love with any characters in books in my whole life!! I want to make Christian movies someday! That is my goal and I definitly (if Tim Downs allows) I want to film all of the Bugman books into movies for sure!! Ends of the Earth was INCREDIBLE!! My heart was pumping really fast at the end! A book has never done that to me before! Well done, Tim Downs! Nick is probably my favorite fictional book character! And I love Alena and Kathryn too! He really knows how to draw you into a book and make you feel like your there!! WOW!!!

  19. I LOVE THE BUGMAN BOOKS!! I have never fallen so in love with any characters in books in my whole life!! I want to make Christian movies someday! That is my goal and I definitly (if Tim Downs allows) I want to film all of the Bugman books into movies for sure!!

    Ends of the Earth was INCREDIBLE!! My heart was pumping really fast at the end! A book has never done that to me before! Well done, Tim Downs! Nick is probably my favorite fictional book character! And I love Alena and Kathryn too! He really knows how to draw you into a book and make you feel like your there!! WOW!!!

  20. I didn’t read Ends of the Earth until the contest was over, but I do think that I would not want to see Nick change–and change is what marriage would do to him. (Even Alena, who does “think out of the box” refers to him as a “work in progress.”) As a person, Nick might marry, but the novelist would be wiser to not permit that to happen to his character; he’s too nifty a creation to toss him away like that. Another issue: a corn farmer would never pick corn in the rain; there is no surer way to ruin a corn harvest than to put it up wet and encourage mould. Farmers need very dry weather for harvesting. . . . Nevertheless, I am now headed to the library to find another Tim Downs novel!

  21. Just finished Ends of the Earth and really enjoyed it. I am addicted to Nick and so glad to see that I still haven’t read one of the Bug Man books–yet! The library is holding it for me now. I am looking forward to Less Than . Glad to hear also, that another Bug Man novel is on the way!

    I have read all of your books and I love everyone of them. I love how I can read about something so serious and still get genuine chuckles over the characters. I do agree with the minority.. Kathryn all the way! I do agree that Alena was Nick’s equal in character, however, in reality I thought she was just a bit too weird and forward. And I agree with Jaynie, Kathryn is way more like the “dung beetle”! That being said, I think you should write a new lady love…. maybe she can be somewhere in the middle!?
    And in the next book please tell me what the ending is. This voting stuff is not for me. I wanted to hear your story, not the one I made up! I felt wishy washy after reading both endings. It didn’t seem like it was concluded or “wrapped up”.

    I want to thank you for your writing. I read my first bug-man novel while I lived with my sister. She didn’t have television (in a choice to filter out all the garbage), so we would each buy a book and read it then pass it to the other. I stumbled upon Shoe-fly pie and we were hooked. Your humor is very entertaining and we always laughed out loud! We were always in a hurry for the other to finish the book. It usually takes us about a day because it is so god we put everything on hold to finish it “for the sake of the sister waiting” (wink wink)! I will be sharing this new book with her as well. Thanks again for using your gift and giving it back to others! Blessings!

    • Thanks for taking the time to post your opinion, Jillian. It’s interesting…Even though “the polls are closed” and the voting is officially over, about sixty people per week still cast votes for the ending they prefer. And don’t worry–the next Bug Man novel will pick up where Ends of the Earth concluded. I know, because I’m writing it now!

    I can’t say that I really liked either one of the bonus endings. I do agree with the minority that Nick should have chosen Kathryn because she is more like the lady he described wanting to have in his life someday. I forget her name but I believe she’s the one Nick described as a “dung beetle” at the cocktail party (was it Noah’s wife?). But I think that both chapters ended too abrupt for either choice. Each woman was concerned about the other for a nanosecond and then just dove to have Nick to themselves. The other just gets left in the dust with absolutely no closure…not fair in my books. But then, it’s not my book and I can’t stand hurt feelings in any situation so I’ll leave the writing to you Mr. Downs!
    All in all…I read the book in a span of 2 days because I just couldn’t put it down so thanks for the entertainment and keep up the good work!

    • It never ceases to amaze me that people read my books so quickly! It takes me four months to write one, and I’ve had people tell me they read one in a matter of hours! I have a theory that reading and writing are two completely different skills…Thanks for writing, Jaynie.

  24. Hello Tim,
    I read Christian fiction voraciously. I’ve learned that God frequently uses it to give me insight into myself and His ways. I would have never guessed that He would use Nick to teach me new things about honesty and openness and the plot of Head Games to teach me so many important things about Satan’s strategies.

    I need to add that I only recently learned that you authored/drew Downstown back in the 80’s. It was my absolute favorite cartoon and cemented your place as one of my most favorite authors of all time.

    Thank you for the richness of your writing, your fabulous sense of humor, your work ethic (I don’t think that I could stand to wait any longer between your books!), your wonderful imagination and your willingness to give your readers input into the direction of Nick’s love life. 😉

    Hi Tim, I have read all of your books and enjoyed every single one of them. Dr. Nick Polchak is a delight. You never know what he will say next. I finished reading the last Bug Man book, Ends of the Earth and would have voted for Alena if the polls had been still open. I feel she was the better match for Nick because she is used to be left on her own having raised herself since the age of 10. Let’s face it, I don’t believe Nick will be home very often and needs a woman that would if not be OK with that at least be able to cope. She will also be able to lend our Bug Man a hand from time to time with her delightful dogs.
    I am so relieved that Phlegethon survived his encounter with the combine.
    My daughter is presently reading Shooflypie and I can’t help but hear her chuckling in her room.
    Your books have been passed around to everyone I know with appreciative reviews from all.
    Keep up the great work Tim and please rush with the 6th installment of the Bug Man series. I CAN’T WAIT!!!

    • Thanks, Denise. I’m working on the plot summary for Book 6 now, and I’ll begin writing March 1st. The manuscript is due July 1st, so wish me luck!

  26. I live in NC and shopped on Friday for some books to read during our snowstorm. I purchased Less Than Dead and Ends of the Earth. I just finished both books and I truly enjoyed the visit with Bug Man and company. I’m glad Alena is the girl for Nick. They play off of each other so nicely! However, I think Kathryn and Alena should develop their friendship. And Cassie is a jewel. I have an autistic grandson. More exposure about these kids will only lead to more compassion and understanding. Thanks for touching on Christianity in your books. I would like to see a deeper Christian theme develop for the characters. I will definitely read all your other books.
    Thanks for the great stories. All I need now is more snow days for reading!

  27. I loved Ends of the Earth! It was the first book of yours I read and then I had to go back and read all the other Bugman novels – unfortunately I did it in reverse order. After just finishing Shoofly Pie this morning, I have to say that I wish it was Kathryn that won. Love all the characters and all of the Bugman books. Can’t wait to read more!

    • Thanks, Heather. It really doesn’t matter what order you read the books in–though Ends of the Earth should probably be read last. I tried not to write them in consecutive order so readers could jump in anywhere.

    I voted for Kathryn because between the two she would have balanced him out the best. Something in my gut says even that wouldn’t have worked in the end though.
    At the initial proposal they both would have looked at Nick with their mouths propped open in astonishment. Nick would be out the door trying to call Macy or Nathan on his cell for help or to see where he went wrong. Next thing you know Nick is on a vacation (probably at NC State during spring break) trying to figure out which species he belongs to but lands himself in another investigation.
    Each book gets the wheels in my mind turning faster and faster. You are an inspiration and blessing. Thank you so much for sharing your God given talent with us.

    No. No. No. I can’t believe most people think NIck was proposing to Alena. I love Alena but she is not for Nick. I’m not sure she is for anyone. I think she needs counseling. Seriously…living on your own since age 10…there are a few people skills to learn.

    I just finished End of the Earth last night and I loved it. I have read all the other bug man books and I hope to see more. I was dissapointed when I went to vote and it was closed but oh well. I think Kathryn should have been the choice because Nick’s behavior in the book seemed more interested in her than in Alena. But what I would really like to know is what the author (Tim) really sees as happening because Nick is really his creation and his story. Either way I will continue to read your stories. Also have to say I think this book was just great, I laughed at so much and the suspense was great. My daugter also likes your stories a lot.

    Thanks for some entertaining work Tim. I wanted to vote for Kathryn, but when I read the chapters, the one for Alena was too much Nick. Nice way to leave me hanging, as I finished the book in bed, and knew I would be in trouble if I tracked down my laptop after that.

    I got the combo Shoofly and ChopShop for Christmas, so looking forward to more Bug Man adventures soon!

    The Alena ending just seemed so much more Nick. The other didn’t even seem so much like it was Nick talking. But I do want you to know that the whole thing was very upsetting, because reading is not something I do. It’s something that I experience. Other people read words, while I see the story unfolding and the missing ending forced me to come back into the world before the story was done. Please do write another Bug Man, because he must be one of my favorite characters. He and Boo are two of my favorites of current authors.

    I think that the two women should go together back to Alena’s since the farm is unusable for now and grow their friendship and faith. I think that both women would want to spend more time with Nick and not rush in to a relationship… Kathryn just lost her husband and Alena hasnt even been on a good date where Nick talked to her and about her. Both of these women are too smart to marry a guy who wasnt sure who he loved until a day ago. I think they both say no for now…

    Okay, I just finished “Ends of the Earth,” and for a moment I hated you with the heat of a thousand suns. :-) Then I raced over here to vote. Then I found out that the voting was closed. Whoops.

    But I’m very, VERY glad Alena won. She and Nick are just weird enough for each other, and I like how Alena says what she’s thinking and goes after what she wants. Also, Kathryn is too gullible for words. Nice woman, but she needs someone with his head on straight who can help keep her from doing stupid things — and that description does not fit Nick AT ALL.

    And besides, I think the Alena chapter is much better written.

    So yay for Alena!!!!

    This is way late, but is there an option to vote for Riley Mackay? Chop Shop is still my favorite bug man. I’d vote for Zombie Riley a million times over Kathryn (who is really to self-absorbed and damsel-in-distress-y for my tastes). Alena is a strong second, though.

    I agree with Rianna. I didn’t think either one was right for Nick. Although I would have to say Kathryn was right-er. Yes, Alena was a much more interesting character, and the scenes with her and Nick were pretty much hilarious, but Nick and Alena would probably go strong for a while, but are too much alike for a longtime commitment. Kathryn would bring him down to earth, perhaps, maybe even convince him he’s part human. Nick and Alena will be very entertaining, so I gguueeesss she’ll do!

  37. I can’t open the bonus chapter files! I get nothing but a blank page. Are these chapters posted anywhere else on the web?

    • The two bonus chapters are pdf files, which require the free software Adobe Reader to open. Do you have Adobe Reader installed on your computer, Michele? If not, you can download it free of charge at adobe.com. Let me know if you have any further problem.

  38. My wife and I love your work. As a ‘pending-respresentation-but-have-great- reviews’ novelist, I’m pretty critical of what I read. However, there are a few authors I consider slam dunks. They publish, I read. You, Ted Dekker, Dean Koontz, and Harlan Coben. You can consider this a hearty electronic pat on the back. ;o)

    If that isn’t enough, you deserve particular kudos for the Ends of the Earth section addressing ‘damaged’ children. Both of our kids have Tourette’s, which presents some challenging issues on a daily basis. The pastor’s comments were SPOT ON, and brought tears to my eyes…but lets keep that between you and me (and the other three people surfing the internet today).

    I look forward to reading your next book. I’ll keep on recommending you to all my friends.

    • Sad. ‘pending-respresentation-but-have-great- reviews’. Saw that spelling mistake right after I posted it. Being ‘pretty critical’ of what I read that’s bugged me all night. What? Yeah, I’m a smidge OCD. ;o)

      I’d be a basket case if I wrote on the old typewriters. 93,000 words and 38,000 white-out edits. MS Word is the greatest invention in global history.

    I couldn’t have chosen which to vote for, because I think both women should have lived happily on the farm like sisters (maybe with some extra land bought from Tully) with Callie and the 37 dogs. That way Alena’s income from her work could supplement the farm, and everybody would live happily ever after (after Nick found someone else). It’s totally unrealistic, but hey, I’m a romantic.

    Whew! I’m sure glad Alena won the vote. I’ve never seen Karthryn as a contender for Nick. But really, while I would like to see Nick and Alena date, marriage is moving into things a bit fast. This is the fourth bug man novel I have read and I have to say I didn’t particularly care for the building of a relationship between Alena and Kathryn – too unrealistic that women would engage in such a way about thier love for the same man.

    I never got the sense that Nick or Kathryn were seriously interested in each other when her character was introduced. However, the story that introduced Alena had a strong sense of a friendship between the two that wasn’t going to end with the last chapter of the book.

    I’ve just began Chop Shop and wondered right away about the possibilities with Riley since they are both in similar type occupations.

  41. I’m confused! I know this new book won’t be a “bug man” novel, but will Nick be in it? And if you’re planning a wedding, are you working on two books at the same time? And I’ve been searching for the bonus chapters in old email and scouring your site, but to no avail, can you send those to me? As far as how I would have voted, I would have voted for Alena. Even though they are very alike, I think their quirkiness would last for only so long with a normal person.

    • Sorry for the confusion, Veronica. You can find the bonus chapters on my website by clicking on the “CLICK HERE to Cast Your Vote” button, or you can go directly to http://timdowns.net/Bonus_chapters_new.htm. You’re correct, my next book to be released is not a Bug Man story and no, Nick is not in it. That story is already finished and awaiting publication. In December I begin work on the book that will follow that one–another Bug Man story featuring Nick Polchak.

    Had it not been too late to vote, my choice would have been Kathryn. Nick and Alena are too much alike in that they keep to themselves and live in their own little world. If he marries Kathryn, Nick will eventually join our species and come out of his shell a bit. If he marries Alena, he’ll quit teaching, move his lab into the woods, and they will become hermits. 😉 On the other hand, it could have been one of those fantasy dream sequence things where he is imagining what it would be like if he actually became bold enough to expose his feelings… (PLEASE for the love of all that is good in this world, don’t do that, Mr. Downs… wink)

  43. Write fast please! Can’t wait until the new one comes out!

    I chose Alena as she is quicky in her own way just like Nick is. There was an obvious attraction and likeness to each other in Less Than Dead and I warmed to her then. Same old Alena in The Ends of the Earth as well. I reckon they will be good for each other. They have an affinity with each other and understand that they are both different from most of people and their genders.

    It was all I could do yesterday to not act like a blubbering fan and ask if you had started the next Bug Man book and if Alena or Kathryn had won! I held back. Fun to read it here though!

  46. I just finished the book, and tried to open the files to read the endings, but my computer won’t let me read them. It says it can’t open PDF files with Works, and I don’t know how to make it open them some other way. Sorry to waste your time with technical questions, but I’m dying to know what the endings were like. I would have voted for Kathryn, because I love Callie, and wanted to see her relationship with Nick develop. I have a severely autistic son, and really appreciated the love with which you wrote about Kathryn and Callie, it was very encouraging to me.

    • Did you get the bonus chapters, Joanne? I emailed them to you yesterday. Sorry for the computer hassles.

      • Yes, thank you so much! It meant alot to me that you took the time to do that for me. I shall send some of your books to my Atheist Goth sister in New Zealand, because she loves good books, and I know she’ll love these and I pray that the Holy Spirit will use them to reach her.

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