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Last Chance to Cast Your Vote

Finish Line
Tomorrow at midnight (Tuesday, November 3rd) is the final deadline for casting your vote to determine the official conclusion to Ends of the Earth. I hated to have to set a deadline, since comments continue to come in from readers who just finished the book and barely cast their votes in time to be counted. I know there are lots of other readers who won't pick up the book until a month or a year from now (or a decade, thanks to libraries) and those readers will feel just as strongly about how the book should end as the readers whose votes were tallied.

But a deadline had to be set, if only because I need to know where the story will go from here. Hey--I need some closure too, you know. For the sake of those readers who come to the story later, I plan to leave the two alternate endings up on my website and also leave the voting function up and running to give them a chance to at least express their opinion. And if they want to express themselves further, this blog will always be here to allow them the opportunity.

For the rest of you, you have one more day to express your opinion--while it still counts. So tell your friends, it all ends tomorrow at midnight. Get that vote in!

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  1. I think that Nick and Kathryn and Alena would be strong enough personalities to eventually find a way to make a REAL family that would involve all 3 of them — with Callie as the beloved child, along with Alena’s 37 dogs! Probably some people would be upset that such a “thinking outside of the box” family would involve sexual relationships between more than just two people, but the way all of these characters are drawn (so well, thank you Tim!), portraying non-jealous behavior where possessiveness and insecurity aren’t the first order of the day would actually promote humane behavior.

  2. I am so glad Alena was chosen. I was hoping & holding my breath all through the book. I think Alena deserved Nick because she seemed to love him from the beginning. She was never married, Kathryn was married twice and she had Callie. Kathryn was strikingly beautiful and had better social skills therefore she would have no trouble dating and falling in love again. Alena had never been loved by a man only her dogs she lived alone isolated from people. I liked her personality better because she said what was on her mind and had a since of humor. I think she & Nick could work together. I’m looking forward to reading another Bug Man book with Alena in it. I love a little romance mixed with the suspense.

    Tim, you did a better job on the ending with Kathryn. Nick was not Nick in the Alena ending. You changed his personality. Both alternate endings leave someting to be desired. I didn’t vote. I don’t like either of your alternatives. While your books seem real life, most women want a happy ending for both Kathryn and Alena. Maybe another story? To let the relationship with whomever develop over time and maybe his ability to communicate with the woman he loves improve. I think you can come up with a better ending than what you posted for us to choose from. I hope you do. I am disappointed with the current offerings.

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