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And the Winners Are…

Hugh Laurie as forensic entomologist Nick Polchak

Hugh Laurie as forensic entomologist Nick Polchak

Mark Harmon as FBI agent Nathan Donovan

Mark Harmon as FBI agent Nathan Donovan

Jennifer Garner as counterterrorism expert Macy Donovan

Jennifer Garner as terrorism expert Macy Donovan

In a contest that was too close to call, Hugh Laurie narrowly edged out Jeff Goldblum to win the role of Dr. Nick Polchak, forensic entomologist. Mark Harmon, on the other hand, was the runaway favorite to play the role of FBI agent Nathan Donovan. The voting was close once again between Jennifer Garner and CSI's Marg Helgenberger for the role of counterterrorism expert Macy Donovan, but Garner edged out Helgenberger as the polls closed. Those are our winners, folks...What does everybody think?

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  1. I see Will Smith as Agent Donovan. Dr. Nick is played by David Duchovny, or Owen Wilson, or Eddie Murphy.

  2. OHMYGOSSHHH! I’ve always told my parents and siblings that if I were to cast these movies, I would have Hugh Laurie as Niccckkkk!ohsweetgoodnessI’mgood.
    it was my goal in life to make these movies…I love them so much:)

  3. Always pictured Hugh Laurie as Polchak…would love to see this as a movie!

  4. What about Alena and Katherine? Who would play them?

  5. I wish I would have been here earlier to cast a vote for the bug man. Whenever I read the bug man I always seem to have Robert Barone (Everybody Loves Raymond) pictured as Nick. He seems to fit the part of what I think Nick would look like. I don’t think Hugh Laurie would make a good Nick, although he has some of Nick’s attitude.

  6. Definitely not Hugh Laurie for Nick, he’s too old. Mark Harmon is also too old for Donovan, and besides he’s already amazing as “Gibbs”. Michael Vartan could be Donovan and the perfect Alena would be Zooey DesChanel. What about Luke Wilson for Nick? he’s quirky, and he kind of looks like an insect. 😉

    • Zooey is an interesting idea for Alena. I like it. But I would go with Owen Wilson for the part of the BugMan, instead of Luke.

  7. Hugh Laurie was definitely the best choice. Since I don’t watch TV, I only know him from the roll of Bertie Wooster in Jeeves and Wooster. House is definitely not up my alley for TV viewing, anyway.

  8. Hehe. Now that I’ve seen what else Hugh Laurie was in, I could see it. I really can’t stand House, so yeah. Nice. Sorry I haven’t commented more – You keep posting entries with spoilers. 0=)

  9. Nooooo, I can’t believe Nathan Fillion didn’t win!!! Where are all the Firefly fans? C’mon, this is for a Bug Man novel, right??? Sigh.

  10. House, NCIS, and Alias – what a sweet trio!

  11. Sign them up right away!

  12. I’d like to thank the Academy…

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