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Moments with Nick

FlyMany of you have concluded your comments with the wish that I would write books faster. If you can’t get enough of Nick Polchak and you’d like a little something to tide you over between meals, then you need to know about something I make available on the home page of my website. I call it Moments with Nick: Weekly Words of Inspiration from Everyone’s Favorite Wiseguy.

Every Monday morning I send out an email blast containing an excerpt of dialogue between Nick and another character from one of my Bug Man novels. If you’ve read my latest novel, Ends of the Earth, you might remember this exchange between Nick and Sherman Pettigrew that I sent out just a couple of weeks ago:

Nick Polchak on “Respecting your colleagues”

“Why must you do that?” Dr. Pettigrew demanded.
“Do what?” Nick asked.
“Insult me. Humiliate me. Belittle my field of study.”
Nick shrugged. “Why do ants like to feed on maggots? Because they’re soft and squishy.”
“What does that mean?”
“I’m not sure, but the comparison was irresistible.”
“Now look here, Polchak—”
“Is it true your wife ran off with the exterminator? Because I would find that ironic.”
Pettigrew glared at him. “At least I was married—an accomplishment you’ve never attained.”
“Marriage is like football,” Nick said. “The goal isn’t just to catch the ball—you’re supposed to hang on to it.”

If you can’t get enough of Nick and you need a little something to get your week started off in the right direction, why not drop by my website and sign up—it’s free. And when you’re done reading, don’t forget to forward your Moments with Nick on to a friend. You don’t want to be the only one laughing. People will think you’re weird.