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Welcome to my blog site!

I get asked a lot of questions about my writing: how I choose my subject matter, how I do research, how a story forms in my mind, whether I'm certifiably insane or whether it's just a hobby... I'm hoping this blog will give me a chance to answer some of those questions and that it will give my readers a place to share their own opinions about whatever comes to mind. Is anybody out there in the blogoshpere? Post a comment and let us hear from you!

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  1. My husband and I were hoping to begin a small group study on “Fight Fair”. Is there any material, or any tips you could give on how to work through the book in a small group setting?

  2. Hi Tim,
    Finished Ends of the Earth yesterday. Nick surely needs help. I did notice that 50% have chosen Alena. That was my vote too. I don’t think Nick could take the responsibility of a “special needs” child. Not that he is not compassionate enough, he’s just not tuned in enough.
    I especially like the comment the Pastor made about the Wednesday night dinners at his church. Sounds so familiar as did the comment about “tired of chicken”. I take that as an endorsement. I plan to pass that info along on Wednesday when I go back to work.
    Keep on keeping on!

  3. Well….hello! I see you are asking oponions about your books. I have an opinion after having read ALL of your books…..please write more about Aleena (sp??). Can’t remember how to spell her name, but I sure remember her character! She is AWESOME!! I love the way she communicates with her dogs!! There is really a good bit of truth in her interactions as I can attest from my own experience. Anyway, I really hope you will write much more about her…..I actually like her better than I do Nick!!

  4. I was wondering the same thing as Joan. I was sure Katherine was 7 when she was in the car accident that killed her father. I am sooo glad you didn’t kill off any of Nick’s friends in the last two books. Teddy was bad enough, but Leo? Why did Leo have to die. He would have made a wonderful husband (if he could limit himself to one woman to adore). I was so worried for Nathan when he showed up in Less Than Dead. What a relief when he was pulled from the case, but he still got to save Nick and Alena in the end.

    Hey! You could write a series about Nathan and Macy! But you would still have to write at least one Bug Man novel a year. I’m hoping you will be so inspired with the next story that you have it ready to release six months from now. That’s not expecting too much, is it? ;~)

    I’d like your opinion. My almost 14 year old daughter has heard me talk about the Bug Man so much she wants to read the series. I let her read Shoo Fly Pie, but I’m wondering if Chop Shop might be a little too disturbing for her. She has seen CSI and Criminal Minds but I/we have stopped watching most TV because of how gruesome and violent (not to mention smutty) the shows have become. What age range do you have in mind when you write your books?

    Have you written any more books on marriage? I have read Fight Fair and Seven Conflicts. It has been very helpful. My husband and I rarely fight, disagree often, but rarely fight.

  5. I now have all of the Bug Man books, and I’m sharing them with a friend. A point: in Shoofly Pie Kathryn is 7 when her father dies, but in Ends of the Earth she says she was 4. I have noticed that in the first three a friend/coworker of Nick’s gets killed, and I’m very glad this did not continue. I’m waiting for the next book about Nick. Will he really be married?

  6. Hey Tim? Which of your books is YOUR favorite?

  7. Have the “Bug Man” novels returned to paperback? I was really happy to get the hardback, but now i cannot find any mention of a hardback. I guess i should ask if it will be in electronic form. Looking @ getting a Sony e-reader after the announcement on the 25th of this month. I enjoy the Bug Man novels and enjoyed Head Games and PlagueMaker.

    Also i enjoy the humour of Nick. I look forward to the next book, just not sure which press type i will purchase.

    • All my novels are in paperback, Ed. They typically release in hardcover, then go to paperback and finally mass market paperback. Ends of the Earth is the first of my last five novels to come out directly in paperback–a nod to the current economy. All my books are available in Amazon’s Kindle format too.

  8. At the Bailey home, Tim Downs is THE novelist. We can’t wait for the next piece of genius, Ends of the Earth. Thank you for sharing your gift, Tim!

  9. Great new website from my fav writer! I didn’t know you had a new one out, Tim, I’ll have to check it out. I follow you because you are an inspiration and example to me, and I love your storylines. I’ve written a few non-fiction devotional books, but I have a strong urge to try fiction. You made a great transition with your writing, and I hope I can too. Keep up the good work!

  10. I think you are a terrific writer and I LOVE the bug man novels. I am a writer as well (working on my first novel) and I love the dialogue in your books. I read First Than Dead and Less Than Dead and then Plague Maker. I am buying all your books and learning alot about dialogue as I read them. My book takes place in the Adirondack’s and I have never been there. I am having some trouble getting info on the remote place of Cranberry Lake. What steps do you take in researching a location that you have never been. I don’t see how, at the present time, that I could make the trip to N.Y. Any advice would be very much appreciated. I am a huge fan and I’m telling everyone about your books. I especially love the humor. Thanks again, Pam Cowart

  11. I can’t wait to see more!

  12. Hi, Tim Downs!! David stumbled on to your web site. We had no idea you had written several novels. Very cool. And to think we knew you when. We still live in Indy. You can check us out at: bethbooram.org or direction4lifework.com I just published my second non-fiction book. When I grow up…..I would love to write a novel. Best wishes to you and Joy! Warmly, Beth Booram and David

  13. Cool new site, enjoying the new features.

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